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April, 05 2016

Spring Weather Update

If you were to step outside right now, and were asked what month it was just by the temperature and the look of the outside you'd probably say February or early March. However we're over a two weeks into spring and in the first week of April, usually temperatures are in the 50's maybe high 40's on a colder day.  We've seen low temps this morning in the teens and highs in the 30's.  Yesterday we got a nice snow storm that brought in half a foot of snow, this isn't normal for this time of year.  In fact this isn't normal for our entire winter, thanks to an El Nino we've had a very mild winter, with only a few snow storms and one blast of cold air around Valentine's Day.


We will be seeing temperature creep back into the 50's later this week into next week but with low temps still in the 20's. I guess Winter realized it missed out on it's time and wanted to stick around a bit longer!