ckSmithSuperior delivering of Heating Oil to a homeowner in MA


Delivering home heating oil to Worcester and Central Massachusetts for over 120 years

ckSmithSuperior Heating Oil Delivery to your home in MA

Heating Oil Delivery

ckSmithSuperior has one of the largest fleets of oil delivery trucks in Worcester and Central MA with licensed and trained CDL drivers.

ckSmithSuperior's Automatic Delivery service keeps you comfortable during the winter

Automatic Delivery

Sign up for automatic deliveries to stay comfortable during the most inclement weather. Contact us to learn more.

SmartPay from ckSmithSuperior helps manage home heating bills


Manage your home heating bills in small monthly payments rather than larger bills immediately after deliveries. Click to learn more.

Protect yourself from rising oil prices with ckSmithSuperior's Cap Price Program

Cap Price Program

Pay the daily price, never to exceed the maximum ceiling price and receive unlimited downside protection (your oil price could fall lower as market conditions permit).

Bioheat from cksmithSuperior, a cleaner, better safer alternative to traditional home heating oil

Bioheat, a cleaner alternative

ckSmithSuperior is proud to offer Bioheat, a blend of traditional home heating oil and biodiesel made from renewable resources like plant oils, animal fats, recycled cooking oil, and algae. Bioheat is environmentally friendly, burns cleaner and more efficiently and can be used in conjunction with your existing equipment.

Biodiesel is commonly found in blends of 2%, 5%, 20%, and up to 100%. These blends are referred to as B2, B5, B20, and B100 where B20 is 20% Biodiesel and 80% traditional home heating oil. ckSmithSuperior regularly uses blends of B5 to B40 when delivering Bioheat to our customers.