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ckSmithSuperior is proud to offer Bioheat to our customers, Bioheat is a blend of traditional home heating oil and biodiesel commonly found in blends of 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, and up to 100%. These blends are referred to as B5, B10, B20, B25, and B100 where B25 is 25% Biodiesel and 75% traditional home heating oil. ckSmithSuperior delivers a minimum of a B5 blend and a maximum of a B25 blend when delivering Bioheat to our customers.

Home Heating Oil Delivery in Rhode Island

Biodiesel is made from renewable resources, like plant oils, animal fats, recycled cooking oil, and in some cases algae making it extremely environmentally friendly. Most of these come as by-products of other food or agricultural processes so there are little to no additional processes needed to extract these products. The process to make these products into usable biodiesel is called transesterification, where methanol reacts to the oils or fats to create glycerin. This is sold to use in the production of soaps and other household products. What remains is purified methyl esters or biodiesel.

Home Heating Oil Bioheat

Biodiesel is a net positive fuel source, where it returns more energy that is needed in fossil fuels to create it. When combined with heating oil it helps your heating system burn cleaner and more efficiently. With the B5-B25 blends that we use at ckSmithSuperior no new equipment is needed to enjoy the added benefits. ckSmithSuperior uses a technique called injection blending to mix our Biodiesel and home heating oil. This allows for the biodiesel and heating oil to combine at a molecular level, which gives us a consistent blend between each delivery truck and into the oil tank at your home or office.

US Biodiesel Sources

Biodiesel is a domestically produced solution that helps to reduce our reliance on foreign fuel imports. The federal government has mandated that all home heating oil is 100% Biodiesel by 2050. With this mandate, the United States will no longer rely on foreign fuels to heat our homes with heating oil.

How to Read Your Delivery Ticket

To better serve our customers we've created a sample delivery ticket with explanations. Click here to view the PDF (167kb) >>>

ckSmithSuperior Sample Delivery Ticket