How does Automatic Delivery Work

Automatic Oil Delivery

Degree Days

Automatic delivery is one of the most worthwhile services we offer to our customers. Where we automatically come out to your home throughout the year to fill your oil tank. ckSmithSuperior doesn’t randomly come out to your home and hope that you need a delivery. Or go in the same pattern each month, these have the potential to create huge issues. We figure out when you’ll need a delivery base on three factors; Degree Days, K-Factor, and your usage. Degree days relate to how old or warm it is outside and k-factor relates to your home’s energy needs. Now your usage is up to you, whether you like to put on a sweater in the winter or prefer to keep the thermostat up. Below we’ll go over in more detail what Degree Days and a K-factor are.

Degree Days are figured out by using 65 degrees as the base number, 65 degrees is a temperature where most people don’t use heat or cooling equipment. Next, the average temperature for that day is subtracted from 65. This number represents how many degree days the current day’s weather. For example, is the temperature today is 10 like it was during the arctic blast in January 2018. You minus 10 from 65, leaving you with 55 degree days. The higher the degree day, the more fuel you’ll use to keep your home warm.

How is a delivery schedule figured out


K-Factors are calculated by taking the number of degree days between deliveries divided by the amount of fuel delivered for that delivery. This can be looked at as miles per gallon for your home. The higher the k-factor the longer you can go between deliveries, lower the more deliveries you’ll need. For example if 1300 degree days go between deliveries and you use 200 gallons of fuel you K-Factor would be 1300/200 which is 6.5. Using the example above of 55 as the degree day, we would divide 55 by 6.5 and 8.5 gallons of fuel used for a 55-degree day. Now let's look at a warmer day, let’s say there is a day where the temp is 45, the degree days for that day would be 65-45, giving us 20 degree days. Using our example home we would divide 20 by 6.5 giving 3.1 gallons of fuel used to keep your home comfortable.

To schedule your next delivery we’d look at your home’s k-factor over several deliveries, we get a good picture after a year, but we get the best picture over three years. Then we’d look at what the average temperature has been over the past three years and determine when based on your unique usage when you’ll be at a ¼ of a tank of fuel. At this point, we’d schedule your delivery. In the event of unseasonably cold weather at times our system can no wrong. To work against this we do manually check accounts and the weather and do our best to prepare for the worse.