About ckSmith Superior

Over a century of service to central Massachusetts

Our Mission

  • Provide Customers with high quality, technologically innovative products and services at competitive prices.
  • Provide Employees with a safe working environment where individual involvement is encouraged, team work is stressed and where employees receive a competitive compensation and benefits package.
  • Provide Shareholders with the highest possible return on their investment in the company.
  • Provide Vendors and Business Partners Business with an open honest working relationship that is based on strong two way communications and a joint commitment to servicing the needs of our customer community in the areas of product/service quality, on time delivery and competitive cost.
  • Provide the Communities where we operate with clean well-managed facilities that meet or exceed the environmental standards for fuel handling and distribution.

We must accomplish our Mission while maintaining our integrity and reputation as the premier distributor of energy products and services in Central Massachusetts.

Company History

In the United States, a company more than a century old is rare. ckSmithSuperior is one of those extremely rare companies.

The Beginning - Founded in 1893 by Charles K. Smith

The Beginning

Founded in 1893 by Charles K. Smith, ckSmith has a long and proud history serving the homes and businesses of central New England. Originally a coal, hay, and grain business, ckSmith has changed with the times to meet the needs of our customers.

Adding "New Technology" in the '30s

When fuel oil began replacing coal as the primary home heating source in the Worcester area in the 1930s, ckSmith changed with the times, adding fuel oil delivery to our customer services. Services for converting from coal heat furnaces to oil, installation of Oilheat systems in new homes and buildings, and the services to support oil-heating systems were added to meet customer needs.

ckSmith now sells all grades of gasoline and diesel fuels in Central Massachusetts

More Fuels in the '60s

In the 1960s, the gasoline and diesel fuel businesses were added. ckSmith now sells all grades of gasoline and diesel fuels and provides wholesale fueling services to organizations with fleets of buses, trucks, and cars and to other fuel retailers. ckSmith offers all grades of gasoline and diesel.

Into the Future - Alternative Energy Department

Five Generations (So Far)

Charles K. Smith was succeeded by his son Charles H. Smith, the Smith carried on the company for many, many years. In January, 2010, the Santoro Family purchased ckSmith from the Smith Family.

Into the Future

Our evolution continues with the creation of our Alternative Energy department. We're helping customers diversify their energy sources, save money and reduce emissions by integrating our Propane energy and other environmentally friendly alternatives.