ckSmithSuperior delivering bioHeat blended Heating Oil to homeowners in MA

Sources of Electricity

While Electricity maybe a clean power source when it’s used in your home, how it is produced is not always clean.

Electricity is most commonly produced at power plants, which are powered by nuclear, coal, or natural gas, all powered by natural resources, accounting for 77.5% of the electricity produced throughout the country. While wind and solar power, renewable energy, account for 21.5% of the electricity produced throughout the country. While electricity at the end of its journey, in your home may not release greenhouse gases, that does not mean it wasn’t created without natural resources or release greenhouse gases. The increased push towards electric heat pumps will continue to pull more from the power plants, which are largely powered by natural resources and emit greenhouse gases.

How power plants are fueled

According to the the U.S. Energy Information Administration “space heating and cooling”, heat pumps, room heaters, window or mini split air conditioners, etc., accounted for 29.1% of the United States residential electricity consumption in 2022. This is up 2.6% from the previous year and is projected to continue to grow. This is all built on our aging electric infrastructure, and as more power is drawn from the increase of electric appliances in the home, there is an increased risk of blackouts in the future. While this is concerning, ckSmithSuperior and other oil providers are committed to a true, clean, renewable energy source, Bioheat.