Add a layer or two of protection to your oil tank

With Tank Guard® and an Oil Tank Tray

Oil Tank Protection

Oil tanks usually found in your basement are strong, durable, and well-designed pieces of steel, but being steel they do eventually need to be replaced. As a customer of ckSmithSuperior, we offer a protection plan for your tank to help offset the cost of replacing your tank. Through our Tank Guard® program we pour a small container of blue liquid into your tank at the time of your first winter delivery. This blue liquid acts as a layer between your tank and the oil in your tank, it does not affect the flow of oil or negatively impacts your heating system's performance.

oil spill coverage

We're now introducing an oil tank tray to add a secondary level of protection against leaks, drips, and spills. Over time hoses, pipes, and seals can weaken and lead to small leaks that produce oil stains in your basement. These can go undetected for months depending on how often you're around your oil tank. An oil tank tray is easily installed under the tank and can prevent these minor leaks from contaminating your basement floor.

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