Installation & Service of Honeywell Generators

Providing comfort during the most severe New England weather conditions

When severe weather like 50 mph winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards leave you without power, an automatic standby generator will keep you comfortable. Never worry about spoiled food, frozen pipes, loss of heat or air conditioning, or a dark house with a generator from ckSmithSuperior.

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Automatic Standby Generators

An automatic standby generator can maintain a steady flow of electricity to your home when the rest of your street is without power. Generators offered by ckSmithSuperior can either be fueled by natural gas or propane, allowing for extended use during power outages. With a generator your food will be preserved, your lights will continue to work, and your home comfort will be maintained.

ckSmithSuperior can service and repair most brand's generators, and are the exclusive repair and service provider for Honeywell generators. ckSmithSuperior recommends Honeywell generators for their superior performance, features, and reliability.

Honeywell's Mobile Link

We offer three various sizes of Honeywell generators; 11, 15, and 20 kW. All come standard with premium features like cell phone monitoring. Honeywell's Mobile Link lets you check on the status of your generator from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Mobile link will also send us an alert when maintenance is required on the system, allowing us to ensure that your system is always running properly.

The Honeywell Generator also includes the following features:

  • Quiet Operation with WhisperCheck, foam panels reduces the noise produced by the generator.
  • Generac OHVI engine, increasing the engine "breathing" for greater fuel efficiency.
  • All-Weather aluminum enclosure, built with RhinoCoat finish offer corrosion resistance even against salt-air. Allowing for the generator to last longer and ensure your home comfort for years to come.
  • Designed to withstand winds up to 150 mph and with a fire rating that meets NFPA standards, the Honeywell generator can be as close as 18" from the home.
  • Seven Day Exerciser: To prevent oil seal drying and damage between power outages the Honeywell Generator will run for 12 minutes every week.
  • Composite Mounting Pad is included eliminating the need to pour a concrete base.
  • Natural Gas or Propane operation
  • 5 Year Warranty: best-in-class comprehensive warranty