How to Manage Summer Heat

And Stay Comfortable without a huge Electric Bill

What is the best way to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer? The easiest and cheapest way would be to simply open the windows and let the outside air cool your home. When the air is 90 degrees outside opening the windows isn’t going to do much to cool you off. This is where the use of fans and air conditioning comes into play, but there are good, better, best options when it comes to managing your home’s comfort.

To really tackle your entire home’s comfort needs you should check the ventilation in your attic. We all know that hot air rises, this why you upstairs is warmer than you downstairs most of the year. If you don’t have proper ventilation all of our suggestions will work but not at their optimal level.

Once you have tackled your home’s ventilation, you can focus on your cooling options. The most efficient and in many cases attractive options are central air conditioning or mini-split ductless air conditioners. These should be used over window air conditioners, which block your windows, are unattractive, and are using more energy. If you do have central or mini-split air you should have them serviced by your local HVAC company. This will keep it working at peak performance, reducing your energy usage and your summer bills.

If you become tired of lugging your window AC out of the basement or down from the attic, the huge summer electric bills, and the ugliness of your window AC you need to find the right AC application for you and your home. Central Air Conditioners are best for new construction or homes with existing compatible ductwork. Ducting in the home creates pathways for the cool air from the Central Air Conditioner to travel. The Central AC ties into your furnace which used the ductwork to heat your home in the Winter. It is important to have your Central AC serviced yearly. This will keep it at peak performance allowing it to use less energy to keep your home cool.

Mini-Split ductless AC’s are best for open floor plans or homes that heat using a boiler, for the difference between a boiler and furnace please check out this page. Mini-splits have an outside unit and an inside until that pumps out the cold air. With an open floor plan, a single Mini-split can cool an entire floor, this makes them perfect for the first floor of your home. In homes with many doors and rooms, like a second floor, you can install mini-splits in individual rooms. Up to four inside units can be tied to a singular outside unit.

It is important to make sure that your AC equipment is maintained. Central and Mini-split systems should be served by an HVAC professional. Window units should have their filters changed or washed before being used for the first time of the year.