Start Spring cleaning with your heating equipment

And enjoy better efficiency next winter!

As we finally head out of the cold weather and into warm Spring days many of us take some time to Spring clean. You should have the same done for your heating system. Over cold winters a wide variety of things can negatively affect your heating system, while minor should be addressed before they become major issues.

One of the most common issues is a drop in efficiency, similar to oil changes for your car, your heating system has it works hard to keep you warm dirt, dust, debris, and the like build up and need to be removed. Hoses, piping, belts, and other internal pieces of your burner ware down, with yearly cleanings these pieces of equipment can be inspected and replaced if need be. Yearly preventative maintenance is included in our Silver and Gold Service Plans. The efficiency of your heating system is tested, once it dips below a certain level the tech may suggest you look into replacing the system altogether.

Over time boilers that use hot water or steam to deliver heat can be “air-bound”. An air-bound system is when there is too much air in the pipes, which blocks or reduces the hot air from being properly delivered. Some ways to tell if your system is air-bound are; one area of your zone is warmer than the other parts of the zone. Say your home has four zones, basement, first floor, second floor, and your water heater. If your first floor becomes air-bound one half of the first floor will be warmer than the other half. If you notice this happening and waiting wouldn’t negatively affect your home comfort you can ask have your system purged at the time of your preventative maintenance.

For those with AC units, it’s important to get preventative maintenance done as well. First, you should wipe down any registers that deliver the cool comfort of AC. During an AC preventative maintenance visit, we clean out the condenser, check the refrigerant, inspect the AC component on the furnace, replace any broken pieces, and refill the refrigerant. This can be done on Central and Mini-Split air conditioners, we do not provide service to window air conditioners.