Natural Gas & Propane Pool Heaters

Extend your Pool Season with a Pool Heater

Pools are a big investment, you take the time to open them in the Spring, maintain them through the summer, only to feel like you didn't get enough use out of it. One of the biggest reasons to not use your pool is temperature, it's just warm enough out so the pool water is freezing. A pool heater can help give you a longer pool season, allowing you to open it earlier in the Spring and close it later in the Fall. ckSmithSuperior offers pool heaters from Lochinvar and Hayward.

Hayward and Lochinvar Pool Heaters

Hayward H-Series Pool Heater

Hayward H-Series

Hayward is one of the most well known brands when it comes to pool pumps and filters. It is only natural that they would also build some of the most popular and well made pool heaters on the market. Hayward H-Series Pool Heaters feature:

  • High-Performance Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger, Standard
  • Front panel only service panel, for easy service and maintenance
  • Universal junction boxes on left and right sides allow for simple installation and automation configurations a breeze
  • Built to withstand corrosion and premature failure caused by unbalanced water chemistry
  • Industry-leading hydraulic performance coupled with lighting-fast speed-to-heat capability
  • Low NOx emissions help give you peace of mind that your pool enjoyment isn’t having a negative effect on the environment.

  • Lochinvar EnergyRite Pool Heater

    Lochinvar EnergyRite

    Lochinvar has been a leader in water heating technology, from boilers to water heaters and pool heaters are no different.

  • Service Friendly Control System - FIngertip setup, temperature adjustment and troubleshooting.
  • Commercial Grade Heat Exchanger - Highly efficient copper-finned tube design. Also available in Cupro-Nickel
  • Advanced Combustion System Heat exchangers is designed without the need for O-rings, virtually eliminating leaks
  • Engineered for Efficiency - EnergyRite heats up fast, saves money and helps conserve energy with Low-NOx emissions.

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