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November, 07 2018

Winter 2018-2019

We're heading closer and closer to the official start of winter we would like to get an idea of what we'll be in for. Of course we had no clue last year that we'd have that two week stretch where the temperature would drop to below zero every single, but predictions server a purpose. The majority of predictions have the Northeast experiencing a colder than average winter. That doesn't mean it'll be 0 degrees all winter but it does mean that we should expect temperatures to stay below the averages of 36, 31, 34, and 43 for the highs of December, January, February, and March. The average low temperatures for those months are 22, 16, 18, and 26 respectively.

As for snow fall, currently the Farmers Almanac is the only place really throwing there hat in for a snowy winter, most other weather services are calling for an average winter in terms of snow fall. Regardless of what kind of winter we have stay tuned to our Facebook page for weekly weather updates!