Keep your Equipment Clear of Snow and Ice

Make sure that a path is cleared

As we officially see winter hit, it's important to touch on a few you can do to make the snowy months easier on your heating system and heating company. We've already seen shovelable snow, even though there are mixed reports about how cold this winter will be, we all know there will be more snow to come. With that snow it's important to maintain your heating equipment and ensure that they are clear of snow and ice.

This tip is similar to a tip if you happen to get stuck in the snow with your car, keep snow and ice clear from any venting. If the venting out of your home is blocked, carbon monoxide can get trapped in your home and lead to serious health risks. It is important to make sure you mark where your propane tank in the event of snow. This will help keep snow removal equipment away from the tank and allow you easy access encase it is covered by snow. It is important to keep snow and ice off of your propane tank and the equipment around it. The weight of the snow and ice can damage your equipment and lead to leaks. When clearing off your tank and equipment use a broom, not a shovel to prevent against causing damage.

As the winter goes on it's important to maintain a clear path to your fill pipe for Oil or to your tanks in the case of Propane. Keeping a clear path allows for quicker and safer deliveries. Delivery drivers have to carry a 50-75lb hose to make your delivery, this not the easiest of tasks during the warmer weather. It becomes much more difficult when there is several inches or even feet of snow on the ground. Keeping a clear path allows drivers to make quicker deliveries, that could allow for one or two more deliveries a day. A clear path, allows for our drivers to more safely. Snow can obstruct objects or fallen fallen limbs in your yard that can trip a driver as he's making a delivery.

Please remember during the next snow storm or as snow melts and refreezes to keep a your propane tanks and equipment clear and a path to your fill pipe and propane tanks clear!