Changes to your Home

How it effects your Automatic Deliveries

If you are a customer on automatic delivery from your oil or propane company it is important to inform them of any changes to your home. These would include someone moving in or moving out of the home, an addition to the home, new heating equipment being installed, insulation or new windows being put into the home, to name a few. These are things that can have an influence on how much fuel you are.

The reason why you should notify your heating company of these type of changes when you are an automatic delivery is they can affect when you get your automatic deliveries. When we set up automatic delivery customers we ask how old the house is, how many people are living in the home, take a look at the heating system, and in some cases past deliveries. While you are a customer of ours we continue to closely monitor your delivery history for three years to get a solid picture of how often you’ll need deliveries. This helps us ensure you don’t run out of fuel during the heating season while also optimizing our delivery schedules so even during the coldest and snowiest parts of the year our customers will have fuel to heat their homes.

If a new family member moves into your home, someone who is home all day when the normal occupants went to work during the day and likes to have the heat one, this will make you burn more fuel. In this situation you will start to need deliveries more often, even if it is by a by a couple days. In extreme cold this could lead to a run out, which could lead to further issues in your home. With this situation it is the ensure you inform of us any who moves into your home.