Best of Central Mass

What does it mean to be the best?

On December 1st the Telegram & Gazette, a local newspaper here in Worcester held it's first Best of Central Mass awards. These awards covered several different categories from best restaurant, to best university, to best home store, to best heating and cooling company, and many more. What does it mean to be the best though?

For each category it could mean something different but when you're voted on by the residents of the region then it means that you're doing something right. People and more importantly customers know your name and know that you do something better than others that do the same thing as you.

For the winner of the Heating and Cooling Company, ckSmithSuperior it means that they provide a needed service to thousands of homeowners and businesses in Central Mass better than dozens of others. The competition, pun intended is hot in Central Mass for heating and cooling companies. With a lot of companies providing it hard to pick out who does it the best when at the end of the day the oil or propane that is delivered is the same. So what makes ckSmithSuperior better than it's competitors?

Attention to detail would be a good way to sum it up. Details from how a phone call is handled to cleaning up after an install to catch small issues found during preventative maintenance. People expect that you will provide them with the basic service your business provides, like heating oil or propane. Price is another that while doesn't make a company the best or not but how that price is validated. If customers feel like they are paying too much for the service you certainly won't be viewed as the best. When you provide services that customers value along with attention to detail, this is a recipe for being the best.

The staff at ckSmithSuperior would like to thank those who voted for them for the Best of Central.